Feeling dumb

I am the first to admit my computer skills are…OK, somewhat behind where they might be.  I also like to think I am a pretty even tempered guy, able to deal with things as they come along and keep an even keel, HOWEVER, when I get on the phone with a tech support person about an issue with one of my electronic devices I frankly feel dumb, and the end result of my feeling dumb is to find myself getting angry.  Can you identify with that connection?  I don’t believe anyone really likes feeling dumb, misinformed or woefully behind the times.

Now I get to refer to the Involved Observer process I wrote about in my second book “It’s All About Me.”  As I suggest in the process; I ask myself why should I be getting angry with this person at the other end of the phone who is actually trying to help me?  Certainly it has nothing to do with the fact they are trying to help me, so it means the issue is mine, and mine alone.  I am now invited to listen to the voices in my head.  What are they saying when I start to feel dumb?  Did someone somewhere along the line tell me I was dumb and I started to believe it?  Even though I have proven time and again I can accomplish anything to which I set my mind, why would this falsehood of “being dumb” still resonate with me?  Now that it has come to the surface again, inviting me to review this stored piece of data, what do I want to do with it?  Do I want to continue to let it be a hot button issue with me, or am I finally ready to put that old memory to rest?  The choice is mine; the choice is yours.  Whatcha gonna do?

The Involved Observer