Doing It For Us

Technology is wonderful.  I love being able to whip out my cell phone and look up the name of an actor or the date the Magna Carta was signed, or where to get my next cup of coffee.  Facts at my fingertips; a dream come true.  But what do we do with this wealth of information?  I can almost instantaneously look up what heaven is, or what peace is, but this does not do anything for me until I have taken time to embody these understandings for myself.  Technology can feed us information, but it is we who make the decision as to how to use it.  No one and no thing can do it for us.

Self-help gurus can give their opinion of what we can be doing to improve our lives, but they cannot do it for us.  Siri can bring to our hands an unlimited range of information, but will do nothing to help us use that information in a wise manner.  

This is why when I am offered the opportunity to speak to an organization the most I can do is offer my thoughts about things.  We have the responsibility to take input from all these sources, sort the cute cat videos from the lightening bolts of understanding and step into our personal power  No one can do it for us.

Taking charge of our own lives is an inside job, the most rewarding job we can sign-on to do.  Is this the year you will step out from behind the avalanche of information to ask yourself, “Who Am I?”  

The Involved Observer