Do I Have Faults?

Do I have faults?  Some might want to jump in here and list all my attributes that they see as my faults, but as with most things there are two sides to the question of what is a fault.

If you, like me, sometimes fall short of every good thing you can do in any given situation you might be inclined to call this a fault.  However what if, rather than looking at these situations as faults you saw them as unrealized potential?  

In viewing actions which do not live up to what you know you could be, you set up a very negative view of yourself and when the next opportunity to improve arises to do better you will doubt your ability to rise to the next higher level.  On the other hand, by viewing these actions as unrealized potential, you free yourself to do better next time around.

We are all works in progress.  Lessons learned can be even more powerful to our future than initial success.  Each day we are given countless opportunities to raise our consciousness, to act in a more loving manner, to see the good in everything.  A setback here and there can not be the excuse to not rise above who and what we are right now.

If your personal or business relationships are not what you know they can be you have not failed,  perhaps what is lacking is an understanding of how better to communicate.  This skill can be learned, and one way to gain more tools for success is to read Bear and Butterfly, THE Relationship Handbook.  Giving up is not an option to success.  Tap into your unrealized potential in every aspect of your life.  Buy Bear and Butterfly at Amazon books.