Dabbling in Drama

Some of us think we can dabble in the drama of other peoples lives and walk away unscathed.  They actually think they can control a situation which is, by definition, out of control.  Since I have the soap box for a moment here, my suggestion is that drama, our own, and especially other peoples, is something to pass by without looking.  Every time.

The thing about drama is that drama is sticky.  Regardless of how intelligent we are, when we dabble in the muck and mire of drama some of the residue will inevitably become stuck to us.  Then the drama of other people becomes our own drama.  On a Karmic level this drama becomes something we have to work off in this lifetime, or another lifetime.  When we dabble in the drama of others we get sucked-in to their drama, even though there is enough going on in our lives that we already have to handle. In becoming a part of someone else’s drama we actually create more drama for them as well as ourselves.

All this discussion of Drama comes back to a spiritual truth; where we give our attention grows.  This is not a complicated concept, and it is easy to test for yourself.  If someone is doing something you do not like just keep thinking about not liking what they are doing.  In a very short time you might be ready to explode, because the more attention we give to anything the larger it grows.

Yes, life if full of events, thoughts, exchanges and slights, but if we do not focus on them they fade into the background; no harm, no foul.  Make a promise to yourself to live in a drama free zone.  Extend that drama free zone out two or three feet from yourself, and should someone come offering to let you join into their drama, declare your drama free zone!

Think Believe Receive