Countdown to greatness

You are on a countdown to greatness.  I know this of you just as I know there is air around me right now.  The only question you need to ask is this: “will my greatness appear right now, or in twenty or thirty years?”

Are you prepared to accept that what you are RIGHT NOW displays greatness?

 Here is the truth I know about you; you are already displaying greatness, and the more you allow yourself to understand and embrace this greatness, the larger and more fulfilling your greatness can shine.

If you are not following me, let me ask you this: what will have to occur before you embrace your greatness?  Will you have to have billions of dollars?  Will you have to have discovered a cure for some disease?  Will you have to have been honored by someone else before you can embrace your own greatness?  Now, here is the truth behind those qualifiers; if you do not see that you are already great, no amount of money, no accomplishment, no engraving on a trophy will ever bestow that feeling upon you.

Greatness is not an exterior experience, it is an inner knowing.  Greatness is not boastful or prideful; greatness is knowing you  make a difference in this world.  You make a difference by passing along a smile, offering a word of encouragement to another. You make a difference when you let someone else get in line ahead of you instead of arguing about who was first.  You make a difference when you speak a word of love to someone else.

When will you start your countdown to greatness, and how long will that countdown take?  Will it take decades, or will you see the greatness you are RIGHT NOW?Choiceful Living Seminars more info