Assume the negative

Seems I am on a theme run right now, we discussed being a yes or no person the other day.  Somewhat in the same theme is the question: “when I hear things from others, do I assume they are negative, and go into a defensive posture every time?”

Jon walks in and says, “hey, I like that shirt”, do you assume he is making fun of your shirt, or do you accept the complement at face value? When the boss calls and asks for a meeting is your first thought that you are in trouble and begin thinking up ways to cover your backside, or do you take it simply as a call from the boss setting up a meeting?

There are lots of scenarios to go with this posture, and each has to be looked at for what it is, however, I am inviting you to awaken with these blogs, I am inviting you to look at your life with an open mind with a view to keeping what serves you well in your life, and releasing what does not serve you well.  This is a basis for IN-powerment, the term we use at Choiceful Living Seminars to describe a whole new way of thinking than you might have previously experienced.

When we awaken, when we IN-power ourselves to our greatness, the question of “am I a yes or no person” or “do I assume the negative”  crop up in your mind effortlessly, and your decision to remain as you are, or change comes about just as effortlessly.  You see, within you there is a bright light.  That light is your greatness.  You can let that greatness shine, or you can put it under a basket.  It is up to you, but it is there.

Contact us at Choiceful Living Seminars, and lets discuss what you or your company wants to maximize.  With IN-powerment, it is all possible!


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