A recipe for happiness

Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, that’s what the Bill of Rights say are our rights are as Americans.  Life; well I presume you have that.  Liberty; you chose to read this, so we are good there, but what about happiness?  Here is my simple recipe for happiness; ask yourself every night; “how am I going to be happier tomorrow?” See, simple.  But maybe not so easy.

To be happier tomorrow you will first want to let go of all the stuff which brought you away from your happiness today.  No matter how right you might have been, let it go.  I even have a workshop based upon this principle through my Choiceful Living Seminars.   This is not a matter of amnesia it is a matter of CHOICE.  WE we have to make room for our happiness, make room for our contentment, make room for our success.  We have to release all the stuff which is crowding out the places where we can grow our happiness, our success, our contentment.  

All those resentments we carried through today?  They crowd out the possibility of happiness.  All the dissatisfaction we invited into our thoughts, that crowds out a place for contentment.  If we were not successful in some endeavor today, dwelling upon that prevents tomorrows success. So you see; this is all a matter of choice when we come right down to it.  We can choose to look at tomorrow as filled with wonderful possibility, or we can choose to look at tomorrow as just another day at the grindstone. 

And one more thought which is essential; your happiness does not depend upon anyone else.  Your happiness does not depend upon anyone else changing their mind, acting differently, or being something else.  You happiness depends entirely upon you and your choices.

What was that question again?  Oh yes, “How can I be happier tomorrow?”

The Involved Observer                   Think Believe Receive