You’re Right

Despite the seemingly prevailing view, saying “you’re right” does not automatically mean “I’m wrong.”  Saying you’re right simply means we see the other persons viewpoint and find something worthwhile there.  If we are in the middle of a discussion about how to drive somewhere and find the other person’s idea of the route is more efficient, how freeing to be able to tell them “you’re right!” How freeing from that idea we have to know everything, plus, as a bonus what it does is affirm to the other person you heard what they had to say, and honored their input.

However, we have somehow gotten the idea that if we admit our lives can be better if we accept help from others, it diminishes us in some way.  Now isn’t that an interesting idea? We are social people by nature. Each of us has something to offer or we would not exist.  You have something to offer, which is why you exist.  For this world to move forward in the best possible way, YOU are essential, even if you doubt it sometimes.

If sometime in the past week or so you have taken the opportunity to tell someone “you’re right,” and felt a little better about yourself for opening to the power of cooperation, give yourself a pat on the back.  I assure you that gesture was appreciated, and you were not wrong.

This blog marks one year of my messages to you, I truly hope that along the way I have shared a nugget you found worthwhile.  Thank you for your feedback, and keep it coming. You’re right, that felt good!

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