Waiting Bites

So, here it is Thursday evening.  I just ordered a proof copy of my newest book called “It’s All About Me, the involved observer.” I will have to wait 120 hours before the book is due in my hands.  Waiting Bites.

Do you realize how incredible it is that I am complaining about waiting 120 hours for a book which I just uploaded to the printing platform?  Come on, at no time in history has it been easier, quicker or more cost efficient to create something and have it delivered, but still, Waiting Bites!

In case you have not noticed already, the theme of my blogging is to find ways to make our everyday experience more positive, more productive, more “gooder” if you will, but I bet you too have fallen into the trap of wanting it NOW.  Somehow the incredible speed of communication has, rather than made life more simple, made life more demanding and complicated.  Don’t you just love the irony?

In It’s All About Me I offer you the opportunity to take a look at what things push your buttons, and why they push your buttons, in fact, why are the buttons there at all? Taking control of your responses to life is the first step to living to your highest potential.  Nothing happens in a vacuum, every response you have is based upon something you have learned somewhere.  If we do not occasionally review our responses and their sources we are destined to move through life like a ball in an arcade game.

When March rolls around you can purchase a copy of It’s All About Me and begin looking at why your life might seem to be so chaotic,  meandering and without focus, or you can purchase a copy to give to someone who has these issues.  But yes, you will have to wait another week and once again I say, Waiting Bites!

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