I am too busy!

Has the phrase “I am too busy” come out of your mouth lately?  Does this mean you are complaining about your life, or does it mean you cannot take on another project?

Complaining about your life.

We want to be very careful about complaining where our life is concerned.  The Cosmos has a delightful way of responding to your complaints, and the response might be something you don’t want.   I know business people who have said they are too busy.  Suddenly their whole business goes silent.  Certainly this is not the what they intended to happen, but there it is!  Remember: every word you say is an affirmation.  Even in jest those words are affirmations.  The Cosmos will respond to your affirmation every time.

Complaining you don’t have enough hours.

Certainly the busy worker has only so many hours in the day to complete their tasks.  That is a given.  Complaining that there are not enough hours to do what has to be done has an effect just as clearly as complaining about our lives.  The effect is that no matter how hard you work, no matter how effectively you do your work, your belief is that there is not enough time.

Once again, what we believe comes to show up in our lives.  We become transfixed with the idea there is still more to be done, even when we finish our tasks.

A third possibility.

Sometimes we say “I don’t have enough time” when what we really mean is “I don’t want to do it.”  I was recently working with a virtual assistant who responded to my request by telling me, “I don’t have any bandwidth to do that.”  Even dressed up in the nomenclature of our age, it still comes down to “I don’t want to do it.”  

We may think we are being cute, or being funny, or being nice by saying “I don’t have time,” but what it comes down to in the end is “I don’t want to.”  We make time for things and people who are important in our lives.  Every one and everything else gets set aside.  Rather than dance around the issue, stand in your integrity and be honest.  It is, after all, All About Me!

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