So last week someone won the Powerball lottery for over a billion dollars.  A regular  follower of these blogs will know we are happy for  whom ever won, because entraining with success supports us in our own success.

The “but” which follows this is that no amount of money will make up for the most precious of commodities: time.  No matter how much money we have, our hours are still measured by the same gauge as the poorest of people.   The time missed with our children or grand children cannot be bought back; the time enjoying our partners, cannot be bought back; the time being good to ourselves, there is no price on them.  

As I was driving about last week this became so clear to me I felt the need to remind you, and myself, that the sweetest, most important things we can give each other do not come with a price tag, but with a heart beat.

I hope you win the lottery one day soon, I hope I win the lottery  jackpot soon! But as we live our days until the, we still hold the keys to happiness in our own hands; the gift of love.  Share it, accept it, revel in it, love is  free.

The Involved Observer