The power of being upset

Some of us spend quite a bit of energy attempting to not be upset at anyone or anything.  I have to ask; why?

Harmony is not the absence of discord.  I offer the example of western music verses Japanese traditional music.  To the western ear Japanese music is simply discordant, not so to those who recognize the harmony within the different scales used in the two musical traditions.  To the North American Ear, the sound of Tehano music is harsh, to those raised in Central America it is a joyful sound.  

Harmony then is an agreement to hear and understand a certain way.  Sometimes it takes an upset to “re-tune” your environment.  An upset can clear the air about misconceptions and allow us to find an agreement as to what we will allow in our lives, and that which we will not allow in our lives. 

The key to Creative Upset is knowing this is your upset, and not to blame it upon anyone else.  From this starting point we can move forward, in true harmony.  When we blame others for our own upset, we give away our power, and end up harming relationships, and our own future.  So go ahead, when you feel an upset, go with it knowing it is your upset, and no one else’s to resolve.  Now you are living an IN-powered life.

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