The Box

“Think outside the box” we have been told time and time again, and there is no question that powerful insights can be reached outside the box, the difficulty then is to get your insight to work inside the box!  I know of several visionaries who have come up with ideas which could re-shape the world which they discovered while outside the box, but the problem they are having is to get that idea funded so that the majority of people, who are inside the box, can use these ideas.  

Here is my thought; the real solution to getting these ideas mainstreamed is to pack up your idea from outside the box, and go back inside the box, then EXPAND THE BOX to allow for its manifestation.  This can take as much thinking as the original concept, but if you want your idea to take hold, if you want to find a way to those riches of which you dream, it is the people who are inside the box who will be your customers and clients.

Let’s say you have found a way to generate electricity for almost nothing;  A way to provide power to the most remote regions for next to zero cost and set up.  You will transform the world!  However you must be willling to step back from the creative vortex which inspired this invention and be able to speak to those who will actually be able to put it into action. Creative thinkers rebel at being in the box, but when they realize that expanding the box takes even more creative energy than conceiving of an invention, then it is much more interesting.

To all who expand the box and bring us new ways of doing things….Thank you!

Think Believe Receive