This is it!  One week to go before Christmas gifts are due to be opened.  Perhaps this weekend you plan to do your final shopping (or, like me, begin my shopping!)  so let’s take a moment and think about the gifting. Just for a moment imagine you go out looking for a present, the perfect […]

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Follow the trail

When we find ourselves upset, angry or just pissed-off at someone or something it is very rarely about that person or thing.  It is most often simply the most recent out-picturing of a long trail which began sometime in our past.  The really wonderful thing about this anger or upset is once we recognize what we are

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The power of being upset

Some of us spend quite a bit of energy attempting to not be upset at anyone or anything.  I have to ask; why? Harmony is not the absence of discord.  I offer the example of western music verses Japanese traditional music.  To the western ear Japanese music is simply discordant, not so to those who

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