What is your title?

Titles are what we are given to get other people to respond to us in a certain way.  The grander the title, the more exalted we ought to be viewed, don’t you think?   The lie of the title On the surface having the title CEO, or CFO makes us more important than having the […]

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Your influence

Most of us don’t believe we have any real influence in this world.  Yes, we may see an impact on our children (for a while).  Yes we may occasionally recognize a contribution we make at work, but that’s about it.  This absence of impact on the world leads us to feeling rather ineffective in our

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New Eyes

Marcel Proust is quoted as saying “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”  Wow, just sit with that thought for a moment: we do not have to go anywhere to encounter a discovery worth noting, we do not have to spend money or hire an exotic

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