It’s your idea!

Everything is an idea.  How you feel is an idea, it is not something that can be quantified by anyone else.  What your future looks like is an idea.  No one else can predict what your future will be.  An idea is a thought in its infancy stage.  The most powerful tool you have is […]

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Product of the past

We are all products of our past, no matter how much we want to overcome our past, even our attempts to overcome our past defines us.  Every experience we have ever had, even those we did not necessarily experience, but just heard about, are part of our beings today.  This is something we cannot get

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We depend upon consistency in our lives.  We crave being able to be confident that people around us will be consistent in what they are telling us, how they will react to situations as well as their viewpoints.  We build our world around these “Knowns.”  Problem is; people change their minds, people change their views,

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Follow the trail

When we find ourselves upset, angry or just pissed-off at someone or something it is very rarely about that person or thing.  It is most often simply the most recent out-picturing of a long trail which began sometime in our past.  The really wonderful thing about this anger or upset is once we recognize what we are

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But is it true?

Yesterday I was going through my e-mail and found a message telling me that a certain public representative was supporting pornography in schools, denying parents the right to visit the classroom, and closing out public input on school curriculum.  Well, that got my attention. .  It was well written, it got my blood pumping; (there

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