Build a new model

Are your frustrated with the way your life is going?  Do you feel like everyday is Groundhog Day, and like Bill Murray, nothing ever really changes?  Same old job, same old car, same old friends?  Simply put, the issue is not with your job, or your friends, or your car, the issue is within you, […]

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It’s My Voice I Hear

When someone speaks to me it really doesn’t matter what they say, it is my own voice I hear.  Whatever preconceived notions I have about any topic will filter what I hear, and this is what leads to communication challenges for us all.  This tendency to hear anything through our own filters is present in each and

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Stop Thinking!

No, don’t stop thinking forever, just stop thinking about the wrong things.  This weekend I was stuck in miles and miles and miles of traffic; hours worth.  I found myself getting quite perturbed, as you might imagine.  What saved me from becoming a two minute segment on the TV news about road rage was my realization

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You get an A+

Those of us who were schooled during the 1950’s through the 80’s were schooled in the paradigm of the Industrial Age, even though the Industrial Age had long passed.  We were taught to think via specific processes; processes which served well as our country made its transition from an agricultural society to the “modern age.”  Science

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