Set in my ways

As I flit from country to country, town to town, hotel to hotel on this most amazing adventure I am having with my beautiful Lady, the places where I am set in my ways pop-up and surprise me time and again.  things I thought no longer mattered to me suddenly seem like huge things.  This …

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Parallel Play

Last night after a beautiful day of travel my butterfly and I were relaxing in the hotel pool enjoying the interaction of people of all ages.  One of the Moms, watching her children play with complete strangers without conditions made the most interesting comment; “the kids love parallel play.” What she was referring to was the ability …

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People watching

I simply love watching people as they go about their everyday lives.  When I am on vacation, watching the locals and the other tourists is fascinating, even around my new home seeing how people interact is delightful. My lovely lady friend in Japan was sharing live video of people walking along the street outside her …

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