The Father figure

The Father figure, in our society tends to be viewed as the aloof disciplinarian.  Father, or men, have been taught that displaying affection is forbidden.  As a consequence, men think they have to avoid displays of love.  The roots of this idea go far back in our DNA.  So far we no longer take time …

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I Don’t Hear You

Yes, I know your lips are moving, and I hear sound coming from your mouth, but I do not hear you because you are speaking Butterfly and I am listening as Bear, or you are speaking Bear and I am listening as Butterfly. Does this situation sound familiar?  There is no “war of the sexes,” but …

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Those rose colored glasses

I like to think of myself as a pretty positive guy.  When situations arise which are uncomfortable or not what I thought I would like to see or experience in my life I do tend to look for the bright side.  Some would say I wear rose colored glasses.  This is usually not said as …

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