Sometimes you just have to stop

There comes a time when the best thing one can do is simply stop.  As much as we may want to continue a project, doing so is a fight that requires too many compromises.  The level of frustration begins to overwhelm us when we attempt to push-on-through regardless of the cost.  At these times you […]

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Jumping the fence

When we were little kids an obstacle was no problem, we simply jumped over the fence, or gate or sleeping dog.  As we added years to our count, for some reason we begin to forget that an obstacle is not a roadblock if we are committed to moving forward. Discernment I try to view an obstacle as

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Better to forgive than delete

Sooner or later, in all of our lives, comes the question; do I forgive this person or do I delete them from my life.  Our emotional response is often; delete, delete, delete.  Our spiritual response is; forgive. Let’s look at the delete option. When we choose to cut-ties with someone over what they have done

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