It’s my birthday!

Isn’t it funny how when we were five years old the arrival of our birthday was something that could keep us up at night in anticipation of the magic day?  “I am five!” we would proclaim to anyone within earshot.  This continued for maybe twenty years until our birthdays became just another day, maybe a […]

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Your Magnificent Self

Does this sound familiar to you?  When someone gives you a complement you either dismiss the compliment (“You don’t have to thank me.”) or downplay the compliment (“It was nothing.”)  Either way you are dishonoring the Magnificent Self you are, and at the same time you are dishonoring the person offering the compliment. Most compliments

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Allow the gift

In my book Think Believe Receive I relate that one of the most difficult things we are asked to do is to accept gifts.  These gifts may be gift wrapped, or verbal.  They may even be things we have wanted for some time, and yet we turn them away. Even after writing about this in my

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I want more!

You work hard.  You come through in a pinch.  Your co-workers and upper level management know you can be counted upon to do the right thing.  So how come there is so little joy from your work?  This is not an experience unique to you.  And this feeling is not restricted to people in large firms: the same experience is

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