The software of doubt

Have you run a system scan on your thinking looking for software of doubt?  For most of us it is there, just like a brain virus. Brain virus does not have to mean something like meningitis.  Brain virus can also mean catching the disease of “I can’t.”

Just like your computer

Just as your computer or cell phone is susceptible to malicious software that renders your $800.00 purchase into a brick, so too is your mind.  The software, in this case is spread by people you know and trust.  No troll in Moscow is planting this virus, rather it is people who want to “help you.”  Those people who want to protect you from disappointment.  At least that is what they tell themselves they are trying to do.   At the end of your life it is not the things you did which will come back to haunt you, it is the things you never even tried to do which weigh most heavily upon your mind. That is why we have the concept of a bucket list.  Looking back on a life filled with “Should-haves” and “Could-haves” is a horrible way to spend your final moments, don’t you think?  Unlike your computer, you are gifted with the capacity to do something differently today than you did yesterday.  A computer can only do what has been done before, (at least so far!)

Running a scan

If you have a dream, a goal, a plan but what occurs to you when you think about it is; “I Can’t,” you have malicious virus in your head.  You can do it and the proof is that you conceived the notion.  

It is important to add that not all that “I can’t”  software works against us.   There are some ideas, like telling off your boss in public, driving your car into your ex’s house or harming another person, you should listen to!  However, if your dream is life-affirming, do it!

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