Our Exulted Task

Simply put; our Exulted Task is to develop ourselves into people worthy of the gifts we have been given; to shape our lives into lives lived consciously and in the love which is our basic make-up.  How we choose to take up this task is totally up to us as individuals; no one else can do it for us.  We come into this world as exulted beings, imbued with the power of the Universe to create.  What we create is up to us; do we create a society of harmony, abundance and joy, or one of discord, greed and mistrust.  

One of the challenges in creating a joy filled world is that we don’t think our one little being can be of any true impact.  This is simply not so, one person passing on a kind word or a smile will have a ripple effect which goes far beyond our own perception.  One person who takes it upon themselves to commit an act of terrorism will also have the same effect.  Where do we get the idea that one person cannot change the world?  History books are filled with examples of one person who simply refused to accept that things could not be better; examples like Mother Teressa, Mahatma Gandhi, Eli Whitney, Rosa Parks, Thomas Jefferson, Anwar Sadat, all of these names are just people like you and me who made a choice to speak up, to take action, and not on a global scale at first, but as individuals who sought to make life better for the people around them.  Change begins with one person, one person just like you.  This is your Exulted Task, and your Exulted Opportunity.  You have the power for change if you choose to take up the mantle.

The Involved Observer