The beginning of time

Right now, right this very moment is the beginning of time, and you are part of it.  Each and everything that has occurred before this moment is history.  People may argue about what has happened and why, but you and only you determine what will happen from this moment forward.

Outside forces

I am fully aware that many people will insist what happens to and with you from this moment forward in time is already determined.  Many believe some entity outside yourself has already determined what your life will be.  Some look to the stars to divine what their future will be.  There are always those who will insist live is like a roulette table, the wheel is spun and you end up where you will end up; a matter of chance.  I myself take a little from many of these concepts.  The stars may suggest you will meet that mysterious stranger and get married.  I have gone through my own period of time believing that we are destined to experience certain things.  And it is true that I have, for a period of time, taken the fatalistic, random chance approach to life.  Perhaps you have done these stages as well.  At this point in time (the beginning of time) I have a totally different approach to life.

Life as a co-creation

It was important for me to walk through all these different philosophies to get to this point.  The idea that no matter what I do, something bigger than me will take care of everything was comforting. To a degree.  Astrology held great wonder for me as well; the idea we are destined to experience certain things depending upon our birth sign.  And of course “life as a crap-shoot” was my fatalistic period.  

My personal experience has lead me to believe that, yes, there is a higher power, and that higher power will guide me.  I can accept that our lives may be influenced by our birth.  However, life is not a fatalistic crap-shoot, it is an unfolding of how we think.  We are in this life as a creative force which is acted upon by all the power of the Cosmos to manifest as we believe it will manifest.

Learning how it works

When you click on the cover below you will have the opportunity to read a sample of my book Think, Believe, Receive.  After reading it you will have a much deeper understanding of just how powerful you are.  For you this is the beginning of time.

Think Believe Receive