Don’t look back

If you have spent any time in Sunday school you know the story of Lott’s wife giving her attention to the past.  As they were escaping Sodom and Gomorrah Lott and his clan were told not to look back.  Lotts wife did look back and was turned to a pillar of  salt.  The metaphor here is that looking back calcifies us; renders us unable to move into the future.  It’s not that this happened to a woman, anyone of the group might have been the subject of the lesson.

Past and Future

The moral of the story is to live in the now.  We can be aware of what happened in the past.  We can look to the future.  But we have our full power in only one place; the now.  Nothing will change the past, the future is ours to shape, only this moment has any true meaning.  This is where we must give our attention.

In this moment we can decide how to frame in our own minds what the past represents.  This is totally in our control, and changes day to day.  Where is your attention?  As we gain experience we often have a different viewpoint about past events.  What once seemed horrible has become very beneficial.  What once seemed wonderful, with the passage of time now is something we want to leave behind.  

If we have an idea of what we want in our future, it is only in the now that we can set the stage for that idea to become a reality.  We cannot wait until tomorrow to create a better future, it begins right now.

Think, Believe, Receive

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