Living in Separation

Living in separation is not just a spiritual statement, although it does come back to spirituality.  Living in separation also refers to the idea that the person in the next cubicle, or the office with the corner windows, or the politician in Washington, or any other person on this earth is different than you or I.  We do want the same things, we are all aspects of the Universe, we are all powerful creators.

What supports the idea of separation, and then creates conflict, is that some people, in their frantic attempt to feel part of things, to feel in control, resort to actions and words which actually separate them from the rest of us.  How ironic is this!  Trying to get closer and actually pushing other away!

What then can we do to keep the effects of these people from negatively impacting our own lives?  The answer may seem counter-intuitive.  The best way for us to minimize the impact on ourselves of those who feel so separate from us to love them more.  This is the classic response to oppression practiced by Ghandi in India.  It is also known as non-resistance.  Look at the strides made by Dr. Martin Luther King in leading the United States into a post-slavery view; he encouraged facing racism without violence and never loosing sight of the goal of unification and recognition of oneness.  This is not necessarily the easiest road to take, but it does start with one person; you.  

When you stand clearly in the ideals which speak to you, as long as they are ideals which support love, you will be on the “winning” side in time.  Along the way it is most important that you remain clear in that oneness, in peace, in love.  Join us on this walk to oneness.

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