It’s Coming True!

2017!  And all your dreams are ready to come true, but those dreams will not be delivered on a silver platter.  You must actively participate in their manifestation.  I have written often about the Universe, or God or All There Is being ready, willing and able to provide any and everything you desire, and this is still true.  The only part that may be missing is YOU being just as ready, willing and able to accept those gifts.  If better health is your goal, take the necessary steps to work with the Universe to manifest that goal.  Sitting on your couch wishing you felt better is simply not enough.  If increased income is what you seek, the answer to those riches is at hand, IF you open your heart, mind and heart to hearing what you will need to do for the money to arrive.  Perhaps you will have to write a book (I have two new ones in the que to be printed) or maybe it is just being open to letting go of the job you so you can hear the guidence to a more lucrative position.  If you want to run a 10K, begin your training program.

Again I say, it is not enough to dream, plan and wish for whatever it is you want, that is only the first step!  In my book Think Believe Receive I go into depth about these steps to an amazing life, which is what you were born to live.  Think about what you want, that is a passive step.  Believe (or visualize) what you want, and show your belief by taking the steps you need, and also open yourself to Receiving.  Too often what we seek has been delivered already, we simply have not opened to letting them in.

Think Believe Receive