I’m In Control Here!

Yes, you are in control of your life.  You call the shots, you directly control all aspects of your life.  Good for you! Suddenly we realize that rather than being in control of our lives we are really doing nothing more than moving with the tides around us.  This can come about from several directions: 1) because we are really uncertain what it is we want in our lives 2) we know what we want our lives to look like but we are unwilling to admit it because we are more concerned about how that would look to others.

The truth is we spend more of our lives re-acting to what is going on around us rather than acting from our own personal power.  On more than one occasion I have pointed out that acting from our personal power does not mean running roughshod over other people, it means having a clear picture of what we think we want to experience, then as the opportunities arise to do, be or have that, we are prepared to seize the moment and live life to its fullest.  In order to have that experience we must come to terms with our own goals, our own desires, our own (largely ignored) capacity to live our dreams.  This preparedness has an action step, and that is to cast aside what we have been trained to be, and then to embrace what we want to be.  How does one do this?  I am delighted you asked!  In my book It’s All About Me I offer the Involved Observer Process for your exploration.  Through this process we come to understand how much of our lives have been dictated by others to make their lives more comfortable at the expense of our own happiness. 

The Involved Observer Process is an on-going thing; won’t you join me in finding the true power which resides within each of us?  Read It’s All About Me, available through Amazon.com, or simply click below for a link to order.

The Involved Observer