D.O.P.E. completion

So, to complete this go round with Drama Oriented Power Exchange, or DOPE; now that we are aware of the presence of DOPE, now that we are awakened to how easily we can get sucked into its vortex, what can we do about its effects?

We can become the Involved Observer in our lives.  As the Observer we hear and witness DOPE in action both in others lives, and our own lives.  As the Observer we become clear as to how tempting it is to become a DOPE dealer! And we can see at the same time how warm and fuzzy playing with DOPE can become.  When we awaken and look around it all seems so clear!

As the Involved aspect of the DOPE experience, we have the choice: to participate or walk away.  If our choice is to participate, it is what it is.  If we choose to walk away, to take the high-road and IN-power ourselves to a higher experience, so much the better from our own mental and physical perspective.  Now that we are aware, awake to what is going on, we might even have some fun with DOPE.  We can congratulate ourselves for declining the lure of DOPE, and make jokes about that vortex as we see it appear.  When someone invites us to play, we can laugh and reply, “no thanks, I don’t do DOPE anymore”.

Drama Oriented Power Exchange is not a given, but when it is used, communication about what is really at the heart of any matter gets lost as we vie for control of the exchange.  IN-power yourself: when you come into a situation where DOPE is being offered, decline.  You will be the better for that choice. 

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