Credit where credit is due

“There is no I in team”, “together we accomplish more”, do you have your favorite quote about working together? Look on the HR wall, you will probably see many more sayings which remind us success is the product of many hands (and failure is an orphan.)

We just celebrated Thanksgiving, and hopefully we all took a moment to recognize some of the things we have to be grateful about.  If you did not take a moment before digging into the Turkey, Ham, potatoes, tofu and veggies, it is not too late!  Give thanks for all you have and let the complaints about things you do not have go by the wayside a little longer.

I have so much to say thank you about: I have so many loving supportive friends, I have a beautiful home thanks to a woman who walks her talk, I have a person in my life who has re-defined life itself.  My communications Director Elaine has contributed countless hours to Choiceful Living Seminars.  Teachers and supporters come to me in unlimited streams, my income is growing every day, I live in a beautiful local, and I know that even with all these mentions there are uncounted blessings in my life for which I can only say “Thank You.”

It really does not matter if you are thanking God, or The Great Spirit, Mother Earth, or just dumb luck that everything has worked out so far; the important thing is you take some time everyday and give credit where credit is due.  By recognizing our gratitude for the things we have in our lives, refusing to judge them by what we think others have, we increase the good in our lives.  Did you think it would be more complicated than that?


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