One of the most difficult truths we face as human beings is that the only constant is change.  We change jobs, we change living spaces, we change automobiles, change is all around us, change is the lifeblood of our experience, and yet we seem to either want to fight change, or we cannot wait for change to happen. When we do accept that change is upon us we often find ourselves in the position of saying “yes I want the change, but I want it to happen this way.”  

As with so many aspects of our lives we sometimes attribute change to the random act of “fate” or beyond our control, but as the IN-powered person we know it is we who call upon ourselves the experience of change; every time.  As much as we would like to attribute change to that “fickle finger of fate” and not take responsibility for what is happening, when we step back and look dispassionately or as the Involved Observer, we see how we not only set change in motion, but we see change can only happen with our participation be that participation comfortable or an icky-sticky.  


I know of many people who bemoan that things are not what they once were, but they are often looking at a past which never really was.  The first example which comes to mind is the violent acts which seem to be increasing around us.  We neglect to incorporate that our past did not include dozens of news organizations positioning for exclusive information over fact.  Information comes into our lives today at such an breakneck pace we long for a simpler time which was not really simpler,  just a little slower and less informed.

What I want to say here is “chill.” You do not have to get caught up in the madness of todays instant communication.  Do not succumb to the call for upset.  It is all about YOU.

The Involved Observer