But HE did….

A long time ago my parents made it very clear to me that just because someone else did something, it was no reason for me to do it too.  

All too often on my newsfeed I see people pointing fingers to try to justify their own thoughtless, mean and greed-driven actions by saying others have done worse.  I have to call a foul on these self-centered justifications.  One cannot justify their own actions by suggesting they are less destructive because they feel some one else has done worse.  It simply does not wash.  We, each of us, is responsible for our own actions.  We are here to raise the overall level of life, not to find the lowest common denominator.

When I think of the high-minded founders of America I am astounded at their ability to have open, honest discussions about what would be good for ALL the people they represented, not just the will of their financial supporters.  

As I read about the deliberations which took place almost 250 years ago it is clear that what those founding fathers placed foremost was reflected in our original national motto, E Pluribus Unum which means One from Many.  There is no doubt that what George Washington viewed as All Men Are Created Equal is different than how we use the word Men today; today we include women, people of color and a wide range of other definitions, but I believe those signers of the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights would be proud to see the evolution.  I also believe the reason the First Amendment is in greater peril than the second. 

“One from Many” is a distinctly more noble goal than “feather my own nest.”  Nationally as well as Globally, we are One People from Many.  That is essential to remember.

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