Beyond the beyond

There is something your want that seems beyond you right now.  Something that you believe will make your life so much better.  What is that thing?  Is it a new car?  A new house?  A relationship that fills your heart to overflowing?  Beyond that thing is the real reason you want that thing.  In your heart you know a new car will not make you more beautiful or desired.  That new house, well, it is simply a place to live.  The love of your life will not change who you are unless you change to make a place for that love.

What is beyond the beyond?

What we are truly looking for is the feeling we get from having those things.  That is the beyond the beyond.  Beyond the new car lives our feeling of prosperity, and freedom.  A new house reflects our desire to feel abundance and security.  At our core is the desire to feel loved, which is why that relationship is so important.  As we look beyond the things we desire we discover the true meaning and goal of our quests.  

When we get our stuff.

A funny thing happens when we get those things we desire.  It doesn’t take long for them to loose their shine.  The new car becomes six years of payments rather than the answer to our prayers.  Home maintenance becomes our focus rather than feeling joy in our house.  When a promising relationship manifests we begin to worry about keeping that relationship.  What once seemed like it would make our lives perfect suddenly becomes a new source of worry.

Getting to the core.

Before plunking-down your hard-earned cash for a thing, ask yourself what that thing represents to you.  A word of warning here; any answer you come up with right away will be false.  The real answer will be hidden behind the answers your ego-self will supply.  That perfect relationship you seek is not about a person; it is about a consciousness of love.  Your self worth is not improved by monthly payments.  Find the real reason you want something, then ask yourself; is this already in me?  If it is already within, that thing will add to your life rather than burden you life.  

It’s All About Me.

Yes, it is all about you.  No one can add to your life, unless you are ready.  No one can detract from your life, unless you allow it.  Read It’s All About Me to discover why this is true.

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