On being humble

How best to approach a blog on being humble?  We might begin with the standard dictionary definition: A) not proud or haughty.  B) Reflecting, expressing or offered in a spirit of diffidence or submission.  To my thinking neither of these definitions reflect the broader and true meaning. To be Humble For me the true definition […]

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I Don’t Hear You

Yes, I know your lips are moving, and I hear sound coming from your mouth, but I do not hear you because you are speaking Butterfly and I am listening as Bear, or you are speaking Bear and I am listening as Butterfly. Does this situation sound familiar?  There is no “war of the sexes,” but

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Listen to the Message

Today we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr day here in the U.S. which is a problem for some of us.  MLK was no saint in his personal life, there is no doubt about that, but his, sometimes, less than perfect actions should not interfere with his message of harmony and oneness.   Few of the

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The Blame Game

Until we accept personal responsibility for our own actions, words, desire and thoughts we have but one tool in our tool chest to allow us to move forward: Blame. We blame others for the state of our lives, we blame others for the condition of our marriages.  “You ruined my (our) life, you cost me

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