Being courageous

Being courageous is a continuation of my writing from last Friday about courage. Being courageous in your life The prerequisite to loving any other person is to love yourself first.  This is no easy task.  It seems like every time we turn-around someone is offering us a reason not to love ourselves.  They will tell you […]

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Magical Thinking

Simply put; magical thinking is believing that if I behave in alignment someone else’s idea of how I should behave my life will be wonderful.  All too often we fall into this trap, heavens knows I have done so many times.  The problem is magical thinking rarely produces anything other than resentment. The other side

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Creative Beings

We are all creative beings, no matter how you look at yourself, you are a creative being.  Everything about us cries out to be creative on some level or another.  This is why destruction affects us the way it does. Destruction of buildings, habitat, relationships all affect us; for some it is a thrill, for

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One or the Other

Is there someone in your life you truly, completly and deeply love?  I truly hope there is, for is there anything greater than having the best parts of yourself reflected back to you?  That person is bringing out the very best in you, paving the way to reach the new heights of your possibility, and

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People watching

I simply love watching people as they go about their everyday lives.  When I am on vacation, watching the locals and the other tourists is fascinating, even around my new home seeing how people interact is delightful. My lovely lady friend in Japan was sharing live video of people walking along the street outside her

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Fall In Love

Falling in love is one of the most wonderful things we experience; the chills and thrills of those first few weeks when everything is right with the world…..grand indeed. Then too often we find ourselves falling out of love just as quickly and as dramatically, which is not fun. Why does this happen, and why does

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To love Myself

Sure, what else are you going to expect from a guy who titles his book It’s All About Me?- but let me ask you this; do you love yourself?  Do you love yourself enough to stop being a victim of life?  Do you love yourself enough to do healthful things in your life?  Do you love

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Happy Valentines Day, TO ME!

Now wait a moment before you close-down, ask yourself: what is the purpose of Valentines Day?  Other than provide a source of income for the card companies and the flower sellers, the idea behind the concept of Valentines Day is to demonstrate to someone how important they are to your happiness, and to do so

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