Child Abuse

Those very words; Child Abuse, are an assault on the senses.  Personally I see no redeeming qualities associated with Child Abuse.  When it comes to the specific definitions of Child Abuse things get a little fuzzy, but there are some things I might consider universally recognized as abuse; berating a child, throwing things at a …

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Stop Thinking!

No, don’t stop thinking forever, just stop thinking about the wrong things.  This weekend I was stuck in miles and miles and miles of traffic; hours worth.  I found myself getting quite perturbed, as you might imagine.  What saved me from becoming a two minute segment on the TV news about road rage was my realization …

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The power of being upset

Some of us spend quite a bit of energy attempting to not be upset at anyone or anything.  I have to ask; why? Harmony is not the absence of discord.  I offer the example of western music verses Japanese traditional music.  To the western ear Japanese music is simply discordant, not so to those who …

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