Being Wrong

There is nothing wrong with being wrong.  There is simply no way we can know everything, every time.  What we do this  moment is the best we know how to do at this moment.  Given the same set of choices at another moment in time we might choose to do things differently, but there ya …

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Do I Have Faults?

Do I have faults?  Some might want to jump in here and list all my attributes that they see as my faults, but as with most things there are two sides to the question of what is a fault. If you, like me, sometimes fall short of every good thing you can do in any …

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Just for the fun of it.

“If it ain’t fun, I ain’t doing it.” Many of my friends have heard me say this, it usually gets at least a little chuckle; sometimes the response is “now that’s the right attitude!”  But, is it the truth?  I love to share my ideas about living an IN-powered life with you, and sometimes I …

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