Month: December 2018

On the verge

Right now you are on the verge of a new dawn. For the next few days you will most likely forget to write 2019 on your checks, letters and other documents. Forget the New Year Resolutions, (they will probably go by the wayside quickly anyway) here is an opportunity to begin a new day in …

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The hot button

What really ticks you off is your hot button. We all have something that can set us off, why I bet even Buddha had something. There is nothing wrong with having a hot button if, and I mean if, you recognize when it has been pushed. Once you are able to recognize one of your …

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The Christmas wish

May you find a deeper appreciation of the power of giving and receiving love this Christmas.

I see no reason

If you see no reason to give thanks, the issue is no one’s but your own. Reasons to give thanks The very fact you may be agreeing or disagreeing with this statement is a reason to give thanks.  You are a thinking, breathing, live human being.  Give thanks for that.  If your life sucks, the …

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Practice what you preach

One of the things that bugs me is people who preach one ideal, then live a totally different practice.  You know people like this; they have a great line about how you should live, but you cannot find those ideas active in their lives. The destructiveness of duplicity  Children learn the most about life, not …

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Pets and life

My mind has been swirling around pets and life the past few days.  It all started with a suggestion that we, as humans, help the spirit in animals climb the vibrational ladder as they ascend.  I hadn’t thought of that before, how about you?  But I think there is something much more at work here …

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I don’t belong

Feeling like we don’t belong is not an uncommon experience.  We look around at our family and think “Who are these people?”  We look at where we live and what we do, and get a feeling of disassociation.  We wonder how we got here.  You are not alone. The story arc While there are lots …

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The greatest poverty

What is the greatest poverty?  Is it lack of money?  Is it substandard housing?  My thought is that the greatest poverty is lack of imagination. Imagination=Poverty If you have traveled this world, even our country, you know there are many people living at economic levels that would suggest poverty, yet they are happy.  Clearly then, …

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Everything changed

December 7, 1972 everything about living on planet Earth changed.  On that day 48 years ago, astronauts aboard Apollo 17 took an image that has become one of the most reproduced images in human history.  Known as The Blue Marble this image, for the first time in human history reminded us of two things.  The …

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Demonizing others

The most powerful thing about demonizing others is that we create a scapegoat for our own fears.  The most disempowering thing about having a scapegoat is we no longer have to face our own shortcomings. Learning to improve ourselves With a scapegoat, or someone to blame for what makes us uncomfortable, we by-pass an essential …

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